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Rescued Siberian Husky Online Adoption Application

THANK YOU for your interest in our dogs. Southern Siberian Rescue, hereinafter referred to as ("SSR"), appreciates you taking the time to consider rescuing a Siberian Husky, hereinafter referred to as ("dog"), instead of purchasing one. Rescuing can take longer than buying, but you get the satisfaction of knowing you have saved a life. The dog you adopt knows it too. Rescue dogs are grateful for everything that you give or do for them. We would appreciate your answers to the following questions, so that we can best select the right dog for you. All information is treated as confidential. Submission of this application does not mean that you will receive a dog.

If you prefer not to fill out the application online, print out our form and mail it to us click here to download PDF Adoption Application.


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All questions with red star must be answered or form will not go through.
* I understand that completing an application does not mean that I will be able to adopt a dog from SSR.
* I understand that a rescue dog has already suffered the loss of at least one family. I will support SSR's efforts in facilitating that the next home is a permanent one by allowing SSR to:
(1) Interview me and talk to my personal references.
(2) Discuss my current and previous pets and their care with my veterinarian.
(3) Schedule a visit to my home to inspect fences and other areas where the dog will live.
* I understand that a dog rescued through SSR must be kept within a fenced yard, on a leash or in my home at all times.
* The dog may not be chained, staked or unattended outside at any time.
* I understand that effective January 1, 2013, there will be an adoption fee of $300.00 for the dog, which will be used to offset the veterinary expenses incurred by SSR.
* I understand that all rescue dogs are spayed or neutered before adoption. A rescue dog will not be bred.
* I am able to afford regular (at least annual) veterinary care, heartworm preventative and flea and tick preventative for the dog.
* I am prepared for emergency medical care, if needed.

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